An overview of IDaSS
screendump of some IDaSS windows
IDaSS allows you to design and simulate very complex digital circuits interactively, using graphic schematics for your system's structure (window on the left) and simple textual languages for defining logic and finite state machines (top-right window).

IDaSS completely integrates design and simulation - simulation happens during the design process. The state of the system can be monitored and modified at all time, for instance with a 'memory viewer' (bottom-right window) which shows the contents of a simulated memory and allows you to modify these contents by simply typing new values.

By using an expert system, IDaSS is capable of converting your designs into text files suitable as input for 'silicon compilers' (to generate ASIC's a.k.a. 'chips') and 'programmable logic' synthesizers (which can generate program files for devices like Xilinx Spartan-II and Spartan-IIE FPGA's as depicted in the top right picture of the IDaSS homepage).