Download IDaSS

IDaSS is freely available for everybody to play around with it. There are two versions available. The first is a stand-alone version which runs under Windows (95/98/NT/ME/XP) or in a Windows emulator under Linux. The second is a portable version which must be installed in a VisualWorks Smalltalk version 5i.4 (or Version 7) environment (available for Windows-95/98/NT/ME/XP, Linux, Power Macintosh and a large number of workstations running UNIX). For both versions, a manual is available (which is included in the installation files).

The portable version is NOT (yet) compatible with version 7.1 of VisualWorks Smalltalk (if someone can get it working, please step forward...).

All files can be downloaded by your net browser by clicking on the links below (anonymous FTP is not possible, for now).

instal5i4.txt (~ 6 kB)

tells you how to install both versions (most net browsers allow you to read this file directly)

errorlog.txt (~ 19 kB)

shows the dates of updates to the IDaSS distribution (and also why the update was necessary - i.e. which bugs were resolved). If you are already a user of IDaSS, check this file regularly to find out if you should update to a new version too

Stand-alone MS-Windows version of IDaSS

This one will run on any decently equipped PC running MS-Windows 95/98/NT/ME/XP or Linux (using a Windows emulator). The installed size is approximately 9 megabytes (which includes the manual). The distribution includes a 'non-commercial' licenced 'runtime' system for VisualWorks/Cincom Smalltalk, which means there are some usage restrictions!

idass5i4.exe (~ 5.5 MB)

is the actual stand-alone system installer which can be run like a program once and then thrown away. It will unpack all files in a directory of your choice and create a program group, desktop icon and de-installer.

Portable version of IDaSS

This one requires an operational VisualWorks Smalltalk version 5i.4 (or Version 7, NOT version 7.1 - yet) base system, which is available for a large number of platforms and operating systems (including Windows-95/98/NT/ME/XP, Power Mac, Linux, HP-UX, Sun Solaris and a number of other UNIX boxes). For most of these, a free 'non-commercial' evaluation version can be downloaded from the Cincom VisualWorks website at . Note that you should buy a full version of VisualWorks if you are really going to use IDaSS for commercial purposes! (~ 3.5 MB)

contains the 'parcel' to be installed in the VisualWorks Smalltalk environment (including all IDaSS source code!), as well as all other files included in the stand-alone version (except the VisualWorks 'runtime' engine) needed to get IDaSS up and running. See instal5i4.txt for the actual installation procedure which is a bit more involved than for the stand-alone version.

IDaSS 'short form' manual and workshop material

The following document contains a 'short form manual' for this version, which includes a 'do-it-yourself' demo:

shortman.pdf (~ 0.5 MB, Adobe 'Portable Document Format' - needs Acrobat reader version 4.0 or up)

For those of you who want to see (or give) a lecture on using IDaSS, the following archive contains the Powerpoint sheets we used during a workshop: (~ 0.6 MB)

IDaSS to Xilinx Spartan-II(E) FPGA conversion

Both versions now standard include the 'alien file generator' which can generate Verilog source code synthesizable with the Xilinx 'WebPACK' tools (which can be downloaded for free!), targeted towards Xilinx Spartan-II(E) FPGA's (currently, the largest supported device is the Spartan-IIE 300, both in IDaSS and the 'WebPACK' tools). This has been checked to generate functional hardware when used with B3-SPARTAN2+ and B5-SPARTAN2+ prototype boards sold by Burch Electronic Designs (both contain a Spartan-II 200 device: 200K gates, >5000 flip-flops, 7 KByte of dual port memory blocks, the works). The new B5-SPARTAN2E+ board built around the even larger Spartan-IIE 300 device is supported too. The documentation (included in this distribution) can be viewed separately as a PDF file (~1.1 MB).

Extra stuff for 1st year TU/e Electrical Engineering 'OGO' project

A separate version of IDaSS is not maintained anymore for this project. Just download the idass5i4.exe and files and follow the instructions in instalOGO.txt to get an executable IDaSS system which can generate synthesizable Verilog code for the TU/e FPGA box - additional files for OGO processor design (an assembler, software test environment, numeric subroutines, ...) are included in the ZIP.

'Developers corner' :-)

The file (100 KB) contains some files explaining the .DES design file format and the contents of the .AFT 'Alien File Templates'. Use at your own risk - pretty heavy stuff :-)